About Us About Us Colquitt, incorporated December 19, 1860, is the county seat for Miller County. The city remembers U.S. Senator Walter Colquitt. Residents often think of Colquitt as the "Mayhaw Capital of the World". A mayhaw is a small, red berry often used for jams and jellies. Colquitt is also home of "Swamp Gravy"- Georgia's Official Folklife Play. Recently Colquitt received the legislative designation as Georgia's First Mural City. The City of Colquitt is also a Georgia City of Excellence, a Certified City of Ethics, and a Georgia Signature Community.   Colquitt is the site of a 23-foot Red Oak tree that sculptor Peter Toth carved into the head of an Indian brave. Also in memory of Native American Indian culture is the Native American and Early Pioneer Museum that houses more than 100,000 artifacts. The City of Colquitt exists to serve its citizens in providing optimal levels of service and to ensure that all have a Great Quality of Life. The City of Colquitt is an excellent place to live, work, and play!
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We are Georgia’s First Mural City
Home of Swamp Gravy and National Mayhaw Festival
A Great Place to Live, Work And Play